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Our Story

Mystic Lobster Roll Company began almost 30 years ago when a young 21-year-old minor league baseball player was working in restaurants to make extra money. After his career came to an end he found himself for the last 5 years working in the restaurant industry and he took his passion for sports into his new passion the restaurant business.

Early on I worked for some amazing chefs including a Michelin star chef. In the summer of 1993 I went up and down the north east coast from Connecticut to the tip of Maine experiencing the most amazing lobster rolls I’ve ever had. After the summer, I spent the next 25 years working for some high-profile restaurants and owned a few myself during that time, putting out amazing lobster rolls on the menu but never found the right time to showcase our lobster rolls as a company. Then in February of 2020, we were introduced to beautiful ship bottom New Jersey. We knew this is where we will start Mystic Lobster Roll Company.

Overnight we found instant popularity in our rolls and have grown to four locations and grew fast in a very short time. Our goal is for everyone to experience what a true Maine lobster roll taste like. We strive on perfection only using the best and freshest in Maine cold water lobster meat we welcome everyone to join us and become part of the Mystic Lobster Roll family.”

- Renee and Philip Tretola